What Is New In The World Of Sport

Last weekend was marked with the Premier League and this is a short look back at the most notable talking points. It was pretty exciting to see all those teams doing what they do the best. The Ferguson teams proved their value once again and secured their victory entering the big door like the champions they are. They left their opponents in ashes while striking a devastating defeat at the very heart of their team.

Manchester UnitedMaybe the clock tolled for Manchester United as their victorious days are long behind them but not for the others as well. And much to the excitement of the fans, David Silva stepped up his game and delivered big time. This golden boy proved once more who is the master on the green when he hit home the winner. Still, the late hero of the City is Raheem Sterling as he managed to shine and seize his own moment against Huddersfield and Southampton.

This would be the 13th win under the belt of City and they do not think about slowing down and letting up. This unstoppable force tends to move forward with full force. It is obvious that they decided to demonstrate their skill and their determination not to stick with the golden standards.

The boys are more than prepared to win ugly whenever they get the chance which will only ensure lots of good action on the field, a thing that their fans love them for so much. When it comes to field action, look for the City boys, they know how to kick the ball properly, there is no doubt about that absolutely. One thing is sure. These boys and their team are heading for some golden times and this a winning championship material in the making right here.

The striker who plays rough

Speaking of rough we cannot but mention Alvaro Morata. This striker, with a delicate touch on the ball, proved that he can play rough when needed indeed. Filling in the shoes of the like of Diego Costa, another tough team player, the Spaniard led the line and scored a win against Newcastle. Truly, the clash of the Titans and a match to remember. Morata managed to attract the opposition center and create some open space for Eden Hazard who saw his good opportunity there and managed to float in to.