A story behind Azabache charms

When choosing the jewelry to wear, people usually consider its design, aesthetics, quality, and value of the material, potential matching with the commonly worn clothes and finally – the price of the chosen pieces of jewelry. Often, people get emotionally attached to particular pieces of jewelry due to their background story, associated memories and sentimental value. It’s quite rare nowadays to see people wearing jewelry as an expression of a certain belief or superstition. Azabache charms and bracelets are that kinds of the jewelry. The one with a long-lasting history, tradition and strong folk belief attached to it. The mere value of the idea utilizing azabache charms exceeds the value of the mere jewel, in spite the fact that Azabache is a semi-precious stone.

An ordinary aspect of Azarbache

jewelryAzarbache is a red or black coral charm, actually made of carbon. This semi-precious stone was discovered centuries ago, but you will rarely see it in the jewelry models in high-fashion dressing lines. This is because Azabache is quite cheap, commonly found in many countries, though the type found in Spain is somewhat specific and it’s pretty fragile. The stone is commonly homogenous black, but it may vary even to the red form. The overall value of the mere material is not significant. It’s the folk’s belief and local myth or superstition giving it the status of priceless charm.

Not so the ordinary aspect of Azarbache

Derived from some ancient local beliefs in Latin America, Azabache stone and bracelets with incorporated stone were associated with stories about evil eye and methods for protection against it. So, called Mal de Ojo, Evil eye is a force of negative energy and misfortune afflicted onto good people via jealousy and bad intentions of malicious people surrounding them. The belief enhances risks for babies and newborns due to their naïve and innocent characters incapable of defending themselves against people’s downsides. To protect themselves from various forms of bad luck, black magic and misfortune, particularly health problems, people worshipped the custom of wearing Azabache charms around their wrists or ankles. A gold bracelet or necklace, with incorporated stone shaped into a fist, had a status of personal guardian and a shield against various tragedies. Another benefit commonly associated with azabache charms refers to keeping your past away from your present life and helping you keep the steady inner balance of your personality.

Azabache charms in the modern age

Many people still hold onto this ancient belief; therefore, you may come across improvised bracelets and necklaces with azabache charm across Latin America mostly. At the same time, modern jewelry industry has explored and utilized beautiful shape, attractive color and mystic context of this stone to design lines of bracelets, necklaces, earrings and various other forms of jewelry with incorporated azabache. Since it is believed that the power of azabache is enhanced in combination with Amber, many jewelry lines are combining these two impressive details in golden or silver pieces of jewelry. Whether you believe the story behind azabache or not, this accessory is certainly a valuable asset to possess.