Small Business Blogs To Follow In 2018

Beginner entrepreneurs find it crucial to reach information which will push their business ahead. They need advice from experienced businessmen, from educated analysts and from other experts on how to overcome all the baby illnesses that they experience.

Business blogs are excellent solutions to find information like these. They will provide advice on how to increase your sales, bring in more customers, run your business more efficiently and reduce unwanted costs. Luckily, we came up with a list of some of the best blogs out there. Keep reading to see what the authors think about many business topics so you can find the best advice for your business.

Best general business blog

Big Ideas for Small Business is a great blog ran by Barbara Weltman, an experienced tax, and business attorney. Naturally, most topics revolve around legal and other technical aspects of small businesses. This blog provides many useful tips like tax estimates, minimum-wage rules and much more.

Best retail blog

If you’re in the retail business, you’ve probably heard about the Retail Doctor. Ran by Bob Phibbs, this blog is the best possible source of tips on how to increase your sales. One of the most popular articles describes how to become a great seller following nine simple principles. In his blog, Bob concentrates on skills which help you develop a great relationship with your customers so you can offer them the best experience.

Best accounting blog

When it comes to calculations and numbers, our pick is the TaxBuzz. This blog concentrates on bookkeeping and taxes. One of the reasons Lee Reams II started this blog is because he understood that many business owners find bookkeeping boring and burdening.  This blog will quickly get you on the right track, and you will be able to run your books pretty soon.

Best marketing blog

The Wordstream blog impressed us the most. The author, Elisa Gabbert, is committed to help young businesses by teaching them to advertise across multiple platforms. They are experts when it comes to Facebook Ads. They also develop online marketing software, provide consulting and share marketing advice.

Best financing blog


If you still haven’t read what Ben Goldstein has to say about financing and you are a small businessman, then you missed out on a lot of good stuff. Here you will find so many useful information, from different aspects of finance to capital requirements and funding sources. The latest article will explain how our brain works while shopping and how retailers learned to take advantage of it.

Best real estate blog

If you work with real estate, make sure you subscribe to this blog. Anita Clark, who edits the blog, is a person with vast knowledge and experience in real estate. Both local and national buyers and sellers will find useful info on this blog.

Best office and desk blog

Finally, OfficeDesk blog is the place for all of you looking to find info about the best way to organize your office. Kevin Scott delivers excellent articles on latest finding of common problems and issues in offices.