About Us

Syntagma MediaWelcome to our blog where you can find news about almost everything in general. It used to be run by John Evans but he is not in the game anymore and his blog was inherited by us, a group of curious men who are into the latest happening all around our beautiful globe. The future of journalism is laid in the blog content and people rely upon blogging to provide them with all the necessary information that they need on a daily basis. We have been up and running for a couple of years now and we feel that it is our duty to keep people and our dedicated readers posted about the most recent events in almost every sphere of this world. The layout of our blog is like a magazine so it is like they bought the newspapers and they can get the valuable information about anything at all. Arts, music, movie industry, the Internet, technology, medicine, there are so many subjects that we could go on and on for hours. Instead, let us just focus on the high quality content and enjoy this source of information. We are always available to our readers and visitors.