Interview With Jason Calacanis Of Weblogs Inc

Jason McCabe Calacanis is mostly recognized for his leadership of Weblogs Inc. It is a huge blog network with profits of almost $10m a year. Weblogs Inc. has been recently cooperating with AOL, which is a well known media giant in the whole world. Despite some of the blogs that were political, Weblogs Inc. dictated much of the blogosphere for about quite some time now. With all this in mind, Jason answered a few questions for an interview with Syntagma, giving his personal thoughts about blog network business.

1. How has the sale of WIN to AOL affected the blog network scene in general?

To be honest, I am not sure that it actually had any effect at all. Business models are sometimes validated by an exit happening and that model can be valuable to other potential buyers and investors. Still, this does not mean that people will surely raise money or get bought. I can tell you for a fact that no one has been bought so far. The only site that is stlll raising money is Pajamas Media, I think that is the name.

2. How has being part of AOL affected you personally?

Not since I have my healthcare.

3. Do you ever get nostalgic for your freewheeling startup days?

I consider AOL as my new startup company. It is all about innovation so I could not say that I am nostalgic because everything is much better now than before.

4. What are the key points for success with a blog network?

Blog Network

If you want to become successful in a world of today, you have to focus. Trying a lot of different things is not always going to work. This is especially important today when the competition in blogging is very strong.

5. What’s the single most effective monetization step for a blog network?

You have to be consistent with your high quality and classy content for at least a year. You cannot expect things to happen over the night. It takes both money and time along with hard work.