The Calacanis Link-bait Machine

You just gotta give it to the guy. Genius isn’t in it. Jason Calacanis has just written not only the funniest post I’ve read in a while, but also the smartest traffic-hoovering machine in years. I’d call it the industrialization of backlink aggregation. Google watch out — Professor Moriarty is on the case.

It is completely safe to say that the master of linkbait himself has arrived and he is not about to leave anytime soon. There are so many aspects as to why his post about link baiting is nothing but a genuine masterpiece of the whole genre. The first and the foremost obvious one would be because readers can get a valuable insight into what link baiting actually is and how it works. He brings his theories closer to readers by assuring them that it is not actually a link bait, it is meta linkbait.

His approach to the whole linkbait deal is semi-satirical and he really managed to capture a definition of the whole concept of link baiting. Basically, he wanted to bring this whole thing closer to his readers in a very funny way. We all can learn from his example. It is a known fact that kids tend to learn much faster if they are having fun. The same is with the linkbait master. He actually educated his readers on the raised subject in the best possible manner. With this in mind, he also reflected on the link baiting rules which is actually a very important thing absolutely.

Now, if you think I’m doing this post to get a link back from Jason, get a life! His post tickled me puce, that’s all.

Oh, and did I mention he is former Editor of Silicon Alley Reporter, “once profiled in New Yorker piece…,” former GM of Netscape, Brooklyn born, or “his trusty bulldog Toro by his side.”?

His injunction, “DO lie and say we hung out one night back in the Silicon Alley days or after a conference and that I’m actually a really cool guy once you get to know me.” is not possible since I NEVER lie. I once sang a duet with Elvis though.

He ends : If you follow these “Calacanis Link Bait” strategies I will link to you. If you just come out and beat me up I probably won’t… so, there you have it “how to get a link from Calacanis.”

I suspect this is a clever way of using his campaign against SEO, which I totally agree with in an unflashy sort of way, to practise a little of it himself.

Darren at Problogger take note, you have serious competition.