Exciting News Coming From The Green Land Of Ireland

Following the resignation of Frances Fitzgerald, is the appointment about handling a police scandal which will see Simon Coveney as a new deputy prime minister. Coveney was appointed as prime minister after a police whistleblower scandal took place. He was positioned as a minister of foreign affairs and has been appointed the country’s new deputy premier.

Frances Fitzgerald was forced to resign over her handling of a police whistleblower scandal. The politicians are not satisfied in Ireland though, they think that the snap election, that will follow her resignation, will have a potentially negative impact on the negotiations with Britain about the question of Brexit. This is a very important question for Ireland.

The whole country is now on the brink of a snap election, it was time to stand down and let someone more skillful handle the problem of the aforementioned police scandal. Ms. Fitzgerald said that everything she did, she did with having nothing but the best national interest on her mind.

IrelandShe said that she had put the national interest ahead of her political career which led her to resign from the position of Ireland’s deputy prime minister. Supposedly, she did all this to protect Ireland from what she described as potentially destabilizing and most unwelcome election and that it might threaten the minority government in Ireland as well as go even further and bring it down over the affair.

This is a historically critical time for Ireland and it seems that the country needs a firm hand that will lead it and makes the right moves in order to ensure the path of prosperity and further cooperation with the neighbors. Therefore, she stated that this kind of a move in such desperate times was simply necessary.  Ireland will continue to stand for equality and fairness, leaning more towards youth and children affairs. There is nothing more important for one country than justice and equality and the new minister will continue to lead the country to the path of innovation, enterprise, and business. Ireland will continue to flourish.