The Most Manipulative Zodiac Signs

The lack of control in certain situations can lead some of us to take drastic measures, and even transform our personalities, for the worse, or for the better. Therefore, when you backed into a corner, dark traits of your character tend to come out, and manipulation is no exception.

While manipulation isn’t as appealing as many would think, many of us are guilty of it. This is an everyday tool a lot of people resort to while helping them navigate through life. Therefore, you don’t need Latin Tarot cards to know when you are surrounded by master manipulators.

For those who still have a hard time detecting a manipulator, here are five zodiac signs you should be wary off.


Even if you aren’t familiar with astrology, you probably know that Scorpio is the most devious of them all. While Scorpion is small and might appear as a harmless animal, be careful of its sting. Now, when it comes to personality treats, Scorpios are quite mysterious, and everyone should know their manipulative features.

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Compared to other water signs, Scorpios channel their energy differently. They are quite passionate and determined, especially when someone made them wrong. On the other hand, Scorpios can be very jealous and resourceful, and nothing will stop them from exploring your weaknesses.


Be aware of Libra because you might be dealing with a master manipulator. This zodiac sign is all about justice and balance, so it might be a bit odd to see Libra on this list. While they are mostly concerned with harmony, Libras will do, or say exactly what people want to hear.

In this case, they will gain everyone’s favor without compromising the balance. The biggest problem with Libras is that they don’t want to pick sides and play devil’s advocate without getting involved.


This is one of the signs that know what they want and the ways how to get it. For that matter, Gemini reaches our list of top manipulators. Their communicative nature gives people a false sense of security and makes them let down their guard.

On the other hand, relying on Gemini can be a risky move because you don’t know which version of them you are getting each day. Their highly unpredictable nature means that one day they might turn against you and use your secrets as leverage.


While other zodiac signs use different forms of manipulation, no one can beat Cancer when it comes to emotional manipulation. Even though Cancers are highly sensitive human beings, they also tend to become victims of their emotions, moving between different states.

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For that reason, this zodiac sign requires understanding and tolerant people around them. On the other hand, if Cancer feels that he isn’t getting enough attention, he will use all available means to make this point clear.


Virgos are smart manipulators, and while they might appear distant and cold, they are quite sensitive people. Considering this is one of the most intelligent zodiac signs, they know exactly how to outsmart and manipulate others.