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Zen Master Series Continues

A Life of Huang Po by John M Evans. In the Zen Masters Series.

If you are following our Zen Masters series over on Spiritual Nirvana, you may like to know that the Life of our 5th Zen master, Huang Po, is now getting underway.

Huang Po was interesting in a number of respects. He coined the concept of “original mind”. He was also the master of Lin Chi, or Rinzai, after whom one of the major Japanese schools of Zen is named.

Method is the central principle in Zen. Moreover, no Zen master placed so great an emphasis on the method of awakening — as opposed to the practice of doctrinal forms — as did Huang Po.

You can find links to the four previous biographies in the Archive section in the sidebar.

Start reading the life of Huang Po.

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Moneyizor Network Magazine Launched

Syntagma Digital is delighted to announce the launch of our fourth network magazine, Moneyizor, specializing in Finance and Business.


Designed by Thord Hedengren in his now familiar style, the portal will aggregate our money and business sites.

Two more sites will be launched in coming weeks as part of this package : Innovation Latest and Entrepreneur Latest.

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PayPal Leaves UK for Eurozone

PayPal is moving its British base for all European transactions to Luxembourg, where it will be regulated under EU rather than UK rules.

Currently, PayPal (Europe) Ltd. is the service provider for PayPal in the EU. PayPal (Europe) Ltd. is a UK company regulated and authorised by the Financial Services Authority (FSA) in the UK …

From 2 July 2007, a new PayPal company, PayPal (Europe) S.à r.l. & Cie, S.C.A. (PayPal Luxembourg), will become the service provider for PayPal in the EU. This is a Luxembourg entity regulated as a bank by the Commission de Surveillance du Secteur Financier (CSSF), the Luxembourg equivalent of the FSA. PayPal Luxembourg will provide the PayPal service throughout the EU.

This is an ominous move for British users, since PayPal is now swallowed up in the eurozone currency area of which the UK is not a member.

This represents a downgrading of the service and yet another euroization of British business.

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Moneyizor Network Magazine to Launch Wednesday


A quick reminder that our fourth network magazine, Moneyizor, will be launching on Wednesday.

It will range over finance and business and provide an aggregator for our money and business sites, as well as driving traffic to them.

Designed by Thord Hedengren, Moneyizor will have all the features of our other magazine portals.

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Compatibility Problems with Windows Vista

After converting the office in one go to an entirely Windows Vista and Office 2007 environment, we are now starting to run into compatibility issues.

Some of our bedrock programs simply won’t run on Vista at all. The alternatives are to search out new versions which do — and go through yet more learning curves — or run our XP machines alongside the Vista boxes. The latter is what we’re doing, despite the huge increase in desk space required.

Even more seriously, none of our printers work with the new Windows either, and we can’t find updated drivers on the net. This means using the XP boxes for all paperwork — less now than it used to be, but still substantial.

Ultimately, we’re going to have to upgrade our printers too, but not yet. There’s no guarantee that machines currently in the stores will have Vista compatibility at present.

So we’re stuck here in a curious hybrid situation, with humming boxes and hundreds of cables perched and strewn everywhere. To combat “electronic smog” we’ve imported lots of spider plants (very good apparently), and are considering ionizing machines as well.

By the time we’ve finished, there may not be room for humans at all. Probably just as well.

Who says new technology gives “greater convenience”?

Mind how you go.

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