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Syntagma mid-year reorganization

June has been a month of heroic reconstruction here at Syntagma. It may not seem like that at first glance, but we’ve reorganized the place from top to bottom. We’ve also brought in a number of professionals to help out and, in some cases, write for us below the radar as part of specific Syntagma Teams.

This is a new system for us. It gives us a powerful in-house team for the first time, but without massive cost implications. I’m hoping it will move us in a different direction in the year to come.

We’ve also returned to Syntagma Media as our main name, with Syntagma Digital as the operating company.

Along the way some things had to go. The Allusionz network magazine — our poorest performer — will be put out to grass when its advertising contracts run out at the end of this month. Some of its sites have been moved onto LifeTimes magazine. They include : Marshall’s Art NYC, Steve’s Publisher’s Diary, Our Man in Stratford and Jazz Groove. Also Classy Classical and a rejuvenated Stage Latest, which will now concentrate on the West End and Broadway, plus ticket sales ads. Sad to lose so many sites and a few authors, but it’s a business and one can’t be sentimental about it.

We’re also hoping to spawn an offshoot of Syntagma Media in a new direction. We’re waiting on negotiations on this one. There may be some opportunities for existing, and other, authors in the new project. More later.

Essentially, we’ve distilled the Syntagma inventory down to its most profitable core in response to the awkward fact that “blog” networks are not being bought out anymore. The second half of the year should see us expanding out again from a sounder base.

So, after the fundamental change in market conditions in recent months, we’re now optimized for the new opportunities. In many ways we’re better placed than our competitors. The huge success of the Glam network — announced this week — reinforces our decision in going for retail as the future of Web business. But, we are still keeping our powder dry and our independence intact. It’s all to play for, and we are very well positioned for new developments.

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Syntagma Launches Parenting Site

New Webtitle

Syntagma Digital is delighted to announce the first bespoke webtitle for our Retailz USA shopping portal due in May/June.

Parenting and Childcare speaks for itself, so I won’t try to explain it. Besides, our author, Andrea J Paulsen, a mother of two herself, is much better at it than I.

The site is currently set up for our LifeTimes network magazine, but will move to our retail sector once it blazes onto the world stage.

Try out Parenting and Childcare

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Syntagma Launches Small Business Booster

Syntagma Digital is delighted to announce the launch of our latest webtitle, the first in a new stream of small business sites which will form part of our Moneyizor network magazine, scheduled for April.

Small Business Booster will concentrate on ways to “boost” the efforts of small business owners and startups. Well, what did you expect?

It’s authored by our Small Business Team, a group of folk with a great deal of knowledge in their fields, but with little experience of writing online. Consequently, their efforts will be put together by an in-house editor. The group includes an auditor, a finance professional and a business adviser. They all work in some capacity for Syntagma Digital.

Take a look at Small Business Booster.

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Network Magazines to Open Up

We are now actively working on the next planned development of our network magazine concept. This involves opening them up to suitable sites/blogs outside the Syntagma Digital inventory.

The move will allow external sites inclusion in our rolling feeds, plus graphical representation on the portals and participation in the Editor’s Pick of the Posts. In addition, they will become recipients of any magazine-wide advertising deals we negotiate going forward. Involvement will not change the ownership, hosting arrangements, or running of outside sites in any way.

We are currently looking at the technical and monetary aspects of this proposal and will reach some decisions over the coming month. Inclusion will be open to all four of our network magazines :

Allusionz — Arts and Philosophies
LifeTimes — Lifestyles and Celebrities
21st-century Phi — Sciences and Future Technologies
(Coming Soon) Moneyizor — Money Matters and Small Business.

In the meantime, site/blog owners who may be interested in this proposition can email me to register an interest and be involved in the early stages of the arrangement. The email address is in the footer.

Update : In an interview with 901am, the conversation continued :

How will you split the revenue with participating sites?
We’re currently looking at a 70/30 split in favor of the client for all new magazine-wide advertising. That beats what’s on offer elsewhere, at least to my knowledge. It also has added advantages in terms of traffic.

What’s your goal with adding more sites to the various network magazines? Are there any milestones you want to reach, and where will it lead eventually?
The goal is to use the increased page views from the extra sites to secure better advertising for everyone aggregated in the magazine, including our own authors. It makes sense to maximize the use of the content platforms we’re creating in a way that benefits everyone involved. As for milestones, the system is totally expansible with no limits that I can see.

External sites and blogs will get exposure on our content platforms, traffic back, and 70% of new advertising revenue generated on contributing sites. Owners pay nothing, and virtually do nothing for all that. It’s got to be one of the best deals around.

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Syntagma Digital Launches Where Lizards Play

If you have ever dreamed of moving to an exotic, sun-kissed location overlooking a sapphire sea, you’ll want to follow the adventures of Guy Adams who did just that. Helpfully he’s now writing about it in Syntagma Digital’s newest webtitle : Where Lizards Play, part of our LifeTimes network magazine.

Guy, his partner Debra, and their two children moved from England to Spain’s Costa Blanca with a view to a view — over the Mediterranean, that is. Now read on …

Guy Adams is a full-time professional author and writer, as well as being a partner and senior editor in a publishing company. His reasons for moving to Spain are quite simple :

Everyone’s doing it you know. We’re all moving out here now. Where once you couldn’t move for thick accented fishermen and ‘Marias’ beating their front step clean with their noble mops, the Costa Blanca is filling with escapees from other walks of life. And why not?

I now live my life with the ocean in front of me and mountains to the rear. I live and work in the shade of mountains…this, for me, cannot be understated as a fine reason to swop England for the Costa Blanca.

Life is an adventure, always, this will be where I share mine.

How could you resist?

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