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Update on Syntagma Photographic

A few folk have kindly enquired about our new offshoot Syntagma Photographic (pun intended) — announced recently. Here’s a short update.

Green Tea
Image by Syntagma Photographic

We’re still building a professional photo studio, which is taking much longer than estimated — what doesn’t? We’re having to learn new techniques and technology as we go along. So the professional aspects of the enterprise are currently lagging behind our enthusiasm for it.

That doesn’t mean we are bone idle though. We’ve developed a slightly quirky style putting target objects into unusual settings. You can see a couple of test shots over at Sideways Health, a site which has the advantage of being object and product-rich so fairly easy to shoot for.

They are not technically perfect yet, but the signature style is coming along.

We should be ready for business by early autumn, once we have a portfolio of high definition shots to put on our new website — Syntagma Photographic.

Example: Sinusitis — a Sideways treatment

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Announcing Syntagma Photographic

Antiques We have been planning to create a system of satellite businesses around Syntagma Media for a while. The aim is to utilize existing facilities and develop more income streams within the business.

Now, to complement the network, and also our Specialist Information strand, we will shortly launch Syntagma Photographic from its own studios here at HQ.

Initially, we will shoot most of the pictures used across the network. Eventually, they will be posted online and offered for sale, firstly to other website users, then in hard-copy form by mail order.

All our photos will be flagged Copyright Syntagma Photographic and will be appearing here soon.

We haven’t had a major expansion of the public business for quite some time, so it obviously gives us great pleasure to start growing again in the midst of this dangerous downturn.

Antiques Emporium : Image by Syntagma Photographic.

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A Saturday of self-indulgence

I’m going to be a bit self-indulgent this Saturday and show you a few shots of Syntagma’s new environment at Exeter’s Quay. The weather is amazingly spring-like right now — just like last year — so I decided to spend the morning ambling along the river and canal taking photographs. The time for Photowalking is upon us once again.

Customs House
Our old Customs House, and a pair of cannon

The Customs House was built in 1661 and is the oldest brick building in Exeter. It was used by Her Majesty’s Customs and Excise as recently as 1989. Its magnificent interior reflects the wealth of the West Country’s wool trade at the time it was built.

River and Cathedral
View across the canal to the bridge and the 11th-century Cathedral

There’s an almost holiday resort atmosphere here at the Quay right now with people sitting out for lunch at the many pubs and restaurants. It can’t surely be mid-February — but it is.

Regency view
Regency view across the river

Now here’s a perfect cluster of Regency buildings, straight out of Jane Austen. Apart from the car and the couple in fluorescent yellow togs, it could be 200 years ago.

Medieval houses
A pair of medieval houses, now used for commercial purposes

As much of old Exeter was destroyed by bombing in World War 2, it remains a miracle that so much from the medieval and Elizabethan periods remains standing.

Click on the Flickr logo in the sidebar for a complete and growing set of Exeter photos. Click the thumbnails for more detailed shots.

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