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Midweek Mysticism: 1. Neuroscience confronts reality of the spiritual
Midweek Mysticism: 2. The miraculous extension of consciousness
Midweek Mysticism: 3. At the Earth’s core

Midweek Mysticism: A personal introduction to God
Midweek Mysticism: Neuroscientist goes to heaven
What is a Mystic?
Mystical Snippet: Let’s all go to Heaven
Midweek Mysticism: Are you Born Again?
Midweek Mysticism: Mysticism is not religion but more like science and is the basis of both
Midweek Mysticism: Memories are made of … what?
Midweek Mysticism: The real truth about the Da Vinci Code
Saturday Ramble: Who, what and where is God?
Saturday Ramble: How to stay young until you die
Midweek Mysticism: The Comforter
Midweek Mysticism: The war of the worldviews
Midweek Mysticism: One simple thing
Saturday Ramble: The magic of mushrooms
Saturday Ramble: Rutherford, Quantum physics and Buddhist emptiness
Saturday Ramble: D.T. Suzuki – Master Mystic
Midweek Mysticism: Clarifying bright virtue
Midweek Mysticism: Simone Weil — wartime French mystic
Midweek Mysticism: Synthetic biology and the God Particle
Saturday Ramble: David Cameron rattles Archbishop’s cage
Midweek Mysticism: Bucke and the God Particle
Saturday Ramble: Do we have free will, and where is it?
Saturday Ramble: The politics of the afterlife
Saturday Ramble: Science hits the buffers … again
Saturday Ramble: The entrance to the Path of the Immortals
Saturday Ramble: Cosmology and a gold lion
Midweek Mysticism: Mystical optimism
Saturday Ramble: The Dawkins god and the real thing
Saturday Ramble: The ageing mind is more resourceful than you might think
Midweek Mysticism: Mystical Roundup
Midweek Mysticism: The march of the clever clogs
Midweek Mysticism: Quakers, philanthropic mystics
Saturday Ramble: The Green Man
Saturday Ramble: Peak experience is losing your mind
Midweek Mysticism: Socrates — the mystic
Saturday Ramble: William James – visionary philosopher
Saturday Ramble: Does science beget totalitarianism?
Saturday Ramble: President of the Royal Society criticizes the human brain

Saturday Ramble: America has lost its ascendancy and has not yet found a role
Saturday Ramble: An important American visitor comes to our shores
Political Snippet: Is the Eurozone a new superstate?
Midweek Mysticism: Substance not show will rebuild Britain
Saturday Ramble: Could Britain rescue Europe from calamity? A plan
Saturday Ramble: What price should Britain pay for the Single Market?
Political Snippet: Europe’s 9/11
Political Snippet: Gordon ate all the pies
Are elite-bonds the answer to EU disaster?
Great Depression Watch: Financial woes? Improve the quality of your life
Saturday Ramble: Germany must leave the Eurozone
Great Depression Watch: So this is what catastrophe looks like
Political Snippet: Managing elephants
Saturday Ramble: 11.11.11 — good or bad?
Up-To-A-Pointism is needed more than ever
Saturday Ramble: The mystery of Islamism
Globalization destroys necessary bulkheads
My word, you do look queer!
Art or economics?

The Grain of Things
The Minister