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Saturday Ramble: Nosegate; Dylan Thomas Centenary

Nose 2

There has been much speculation for a while now on whether David Cameron has what it takes to win a General Election outright.

That question is the wrong one to ask. The pertinent query is: can we trust untried — and slightly odd — Ed Miliband with No 10, and the alarming Ed Balls with five years of running the country’s finances?

The Cameron question produces an indeterminate answer: it’s still not clear what sort of government Dave would run with a clear majority.

He has been in unwanted coalition with dithering Nick Clegg since the last election, an unfortunate situation that has severely muddied the waters around him and dismayed many southern Tories in the heartlands. So, logically, the jury’s still out.

But, that is not the crux of the matter. It’s clear that many Labour voters are holding their noses when considering their below par pair of champions. Could this give Clegg an unearned bonus in the poll?

My hunch, for what it’s worth, is that the broad centre-ground mass will vote against another indecisive result and that can only mean a proper Conservative Government.

Mind you, there’s going to be a lot of nose-holding come next May.

* * * * *

Dylan Thomas’s centenary is getting a lot of coverage in the Press and other media, especially the broadsheets.

Everyone it seems is refusing to go gentle into that good night. Me, I’d rather rage, rage against the dying of the light. But not just yet.

In my school and uni days, “Dylan” translated as “Bob”, as in “Times they are a’changing”.

Dylan, as in “The force that through the green fuse drives the flower” — although long dead — was something of a hero, particularly to those who enjoyed a tipple or two followed by a fracas at weekends.

Naturally, Dylan’s “sauce”, consumed copiously, was to the forefront of the movement among male students. His rather ignominious demise in New York, drowning in Scotch and vomit, put some of the more delicate souls to flight.

I’m glad to say I was one of them. It is possible to have a debilitating excess of a good thing. Perhaps now we can concentrate on his writings*.

His prose often lit up the night sky, and still would today, if rescued from partial obscurity.

* The BBC has an interesting documentary on the go: Dylan Thomas a Poet at War, which covers his unexpected work as a wartime propagandist for the British Government in London.

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