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Saturday Ramble: Ed the Shred?; A gentleman’s suicide

Ed Miliband

What is it with Ed Miliband? His “cost of living crisis” must be the most ineffective campaign ever waged against a sitting government.

In what way do ministers affect living costs or set wages and salaries for the majority of the workforce? Most are done in the private sector.

Taxes, which George Osborne would love to bring down, have been a Tory target for decades. They only go up when Labour are in office, or when a Conservative government has to clear up Labour’s last mess.

True, the government does set benefit rates, and Tories tend to bear down on them to get people back into jobs. But that should be the function of all governments. Brownism failed catastrophically last time it was tried, and Miliband was right there in the Prime Minster’s office at the time.

Ed Miliband wants to “create the conditions for the high-wage, high-skill economy that tackles Britain’s productivity gap, helps businesses succeed and allows people to fulfil their potential.” And what’s he going to do on day two?

The man seems to lack all sense of proportion. He would need to win three consecutive elections to get close to fulfilling it. He might also remind himself that after Margaret Thatcher did precisely that, Labour set about dismantling it when they returned to power.

Credibility gap, or what? He should try living in the concrete world, not a Marxist wonderland.

* * * * *

What gives Labour the right to go into the next election with a substantial advantage in the electoral rolls. Some say it could amount to six seats, others fancy it’s more.

Why doesn’t David Cameron make more of a fuss about it, first with his Lib-Dem “partners”, who spitefully reneged on a promise to reset the electoral rules more fairly, and then with the regulator?

Sometimes gentlemanly conduct becomes a form of suicide.

John Evans

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