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Midweek Mysticism: The Soul — does it exist and can we experience it?

Out of body

The soul is usually understood as a mythical entity in our sceptical — I was going to say scientific — age, although that is only a half-truth. The word is occasionally used in a poetical sense as the essence of a person, but with no corresponding reality.

Again, some people hedge their bets by doubling it up as in “the heart and soul” of someone, where the words are practically synonymous. Modern humans get very confused about their souls.

Soul is often coupled with the adjective immortal — “my immortal soul”. What is the truth? Do you have a soul? Does everyone? And what does it look like? What does it do? Is it really immortal?

As a lifelong student of mysticism I have, as it happens, arrived at impeccable conclusions, backed by evidence, which being personal, even though various, might not satisfy the most sceptical of “scientific” minds. It was ever thus.

We are generally aware that our being has two distinct parts: body and brain. Although the brain is part of the body and dies with it, we nevertheless regard it as, in some way, separate. In terms of sentience, we should refine that to: bodily senses and mind. We know where we are with these, we see and feel them in action every day.

But most people are aware that there is more to it than physicality, overwhelmingly present though that is. Could there be a “ghost in the machine”?

There really has to be if we are to explain so many apparently peripheral activities and unexplained happenings. The links at the bottom of this piece represent a data trail that builds up a compelling picture of the soul and its connections with the world we live in.

The precise two-part reality of humans is body and soul, where the soul has a spiritual nature that only tangentially impinges on the physical. Once you have experienced your own soul — and it is there to be experienced with the necessary effort and concentration — you will have grasped the fundamental nature of humanity and its place in the firmament.

You will know that it is fundamentally different from the physical body and brain. It has to be experienced rather than explained. No form of words can express the magnitude of its reality. My own reaction to its appearance in my consciousness was, “So it’s all true! There is nothing missing now.”

And indeed what else is there to say?

Links. Regular returners will have seen them before, so skip if you must.

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There are many more on this site if you want to pursue them.

John Evans

To be published soon: Mystology: A different way of looking at the world.

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