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REPRISE: Here’s something we published earlier: C.G. Jung

C.G. Jung

Carl Jung, the great Swiss thinker and psychologist, did not mince his words when referring to immortality: “When the summit of life is reached, when the bud unfolds and from the lesser the greater emerges … and the greater figure, which one always was but which remained invisible, appears to the lesser personality with the force of a revelation, he … will know that the long expected friend of his soul, the immortal one, has now really come.”

A more perfect apotheosis could hardly be imagined, for Jung had spent his whole life rummaging about in his own mind and those of others. As a scientist he was naturally reticent – colleagues could be dismissive of any apparent “descent into the swamp of mysticism”. But, as the final chapters of his late memoirs, Memories, Dreams, Reflections, show, Jung had penetrated to the soul of the matter even while playing the part of a dull, diligent, boffin of the mind.

Extracted from The Eternal Quest for Immortality – Is it staring you in the face? by John Evans, published by Syntagma Books.

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