Syntagma Digital
Editor, John Evans

Announcing Syntagma Photographic

Antiques We have been planning to create a system of satellite businesses around Syntagma Media for a while. The aim is to utilize existing facilities and develop more income streams within the business.

Now, to complement the network, and also our Specialist Information strand, we will shortly launch Syntagma Photographic from its own studios here at HQ.

Initially, we will shoot most of the pictures used across the network. Eventually, they will be posted online and offered for sale, firstly to other website users, then in hard-copy form by mail order.

All our photos will be flagged Copyright Syntagma Photographic and will be appearing here soon.

We haven’t had a major expansion of the public business for quite some time, so it obviously gives us great pleasure to start growing again in the midst of this dangerous downturn.

Antiques Emporium : Image by Syntagma Photographic.

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