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The Abe Olandres Fund

The former editor of The Blog Herald, Abe Olandres, has had to relinquish his post because of an allegedly malicious legal case brought against his small web hosting business. The fault was not his, but has already cost him the price of a house in legal fees.

There’s a fund being set up at The Blog Herald to offset some of the pain of this case. If each BH reader sends $10 via PayPal, it would go a long way towards that. Syntagma Media has contributed $100 to the fund. If you want to contribute, the PayPal address is:


Here’s Abe’s story :

I run a fairly small start-up web hosting here in the Philippines. One of our former clients runs a forum that we used to host. Several members of that forum were throwing vindictives against a their former employer. That employer sent us a demand letter thru their law firm demanding that we terminate the site or be charged with libel as well. The client moved out from us the following day. However, the employer/complainant has now filed several libel law suits against us claiming that we are the owner of the domain and the operator of the site. The site is still up and running though hosted somewhere else, the domain was also transferred away from us. Still, the complainant is alleging we should have enforced some sort of regulations or control over the content when it was still with us.

It could happen to any of us who publish user-generated content on the internet.

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