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Aubergines and Pickled Onions

There’s an interesting (sort of) meme starting up on Robert Scoble’s blog. Following his dip into U.S. Presidential politics with John Edwards, Scoble gets back on-topic with a thankfully short post, “I Hate Eggplant”.

A treat for Scoble: Eggplant Sandwiches.

Eggplant is an old British name for what we Brits now call aubergines — at least among the ratatouille set. I can tell Robert that naming them aubergines — for which I blame the French — does nothing to improve their flavour.

As for my pet culinary hate, it’s got to be pickled onions.

I suppose my real complaint is with the vinegar, a quite appalling liquid concoction, composed of an alcoholic beverage gone rankly sour. Onions I like, but soak them in vinegar and the result is a product worthy of the dark arts.

The weird thing, though, is that the only time I found aubergines / eggplant palatable was when they were fried and served with ever-so-thin slices of … pickled onions!

Is this a case of the mathematical law that two negatives make a positive?

So what foodstuff do you think should never have been invented by the Almighty, let alone the hand of Man?

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  1. Clive: Cucumber sandwiches are one of my favourites on a hot summer afternoon. So cooling. Not to mention they are the one dish I can make without burning something. :-)

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