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Guy Kawasaki Earns 280 Dollars a Month

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According to Long-Tailist Chris Anderson, business guru, Guy Kawasaki, who started blogging just a year ago, makes around $280 a month from a site which attracts a readership of around 3,000 a day, plus lots of links from the A-list fraternity.

A best-selling author and genuine tech celebrity writing a thoughtful essay nearly every workday on a top-50 blog for an audience of around 30,000 [sic] people/day.

And the pay for that is about $280 a month. If Guy can get Google to write a check at all.

It’s an interesting benchmark for a year-old site. I would say that’s about average for a site which hasn’t been pushed aggressively into ads. I wouldn’t expect much joy out of Adsense in the the first year, whether they pay up or not.

We have sites that earn more than that on a fraction of the traffic. It’s not always traffic that determines these things, more often what niche it’s in and knowing where to get paid advertising. With a cpm (cost per thousand impressions) of $1.39, my guess is that Kawasaki’s niche should be doing better, but it’s not always the ones who should do better that do. Some sites do better with one type of ad — say, text links — than another type.

The whole of online advertising is a mish-mash of inconsistencies. Two of our lowest trafficked, PageRanked sites make over three times more each than our highest. Square that circle, if you can.

8 Responses to “Guy Kawasaki Earns 280 Dollars a Month”

  1. Remember, we’re talking about blogs here, not “sites”. Guy’s blog.

    Sites are better suited for Adsense ads. Sites like High producing content sites that aren’t really conversations, but rather, well, “sites”.

    Blogs, well, they just aren’t good earners with Adsense. I don’t make that statement without a backup either having done a few years of research and polling on the matter.

    You’re absolutely right when you say it’s inconsistencies. However, when it comes to blogs, it’s pretty cut and dry. You have less than 1% of blogs like Guy’s, and then you have 55 million other low traffic long tail blogs, neither of which Adsense works well for.

    Click my name above for my full analysis on Guy’s $9.00/day Adsense earnings.

  2. Seems like a very low amount.

    I know I have a site or two that makes more than $280 a month with way much less figures than that.

    He really should be looking at private sponsorships. In the past, I’ve negotiated 4 and 5 figure monthly sponsorship/advertising deals with readerships under 10,000.

  3. I found this hilarious actually. He should make a lot more than that, and the fact that he doesn’t either tells me that he doesn’t care, or that he just sucks at monetizing his site. If the latter is the case, there are plenty of people that can help him out.

  4. We’ll he’s just joined Federated Media, Martin, so he’ll definitiely improve on that CPM this year. But he also has highly paid consultancy work, so he’s not really bothered, I think.

  5. Jim: Guy’s “blog” is an outlet for high-class essays on business. I don’t think of it as a blog, in fact I’ve almost dropped the word from my vocabulary. The distinction between blog and site is fraught with yet more inconsistencies, even within “blogs” and within sites. And whereas everyone understands a website in a broad sense, very few understand “blogs” and usually regard them as rubbish if they do.

    I think he’ll do better with FM, but he’ll lose 40pc of his revenue to Battelle and Co. I doubt he’s too concerned about that income though, just the business perfectionist in him wants to maximize the opportunity.

  6. Thord, you’re right, he doesn’t need the money, but he obviously cares or he wouldn’t grumble about it, or join Federated Media. 😉

  7. True enough. And joining Federated Media was probably the way to go for him. All is well that ends well… 😉

  8. I’ve just corrected the numbers in this post. Chris Anderson’s claim of 30,000 uniques a day is clearly wrong when you look at the PVs – 6,200/day. I’ve adjust that figure to 3000, although he probably means 30,000/month. So the earnings are less spectacularly low.

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