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Scott Karp Writes for Blog Herald

It’s good to see the new owners of The Blog Herald bringing in some heavyweight writers.

The latest addition to the new crew is Scott Karp, fresh off the ink at Publishing 2.0, where he writes at length on all aspects of online publishing.

First off is an interesting piece on “user generated content” : is it exploitation, or the legitimate satisfaction of a craving for attention?

The key issue in my mind is how the explosion of user-generated content will affect over the long term how the finite pie of media attention is allocated. If media consumers start to spend more time with user-generated content (i.e. content that is produced “for free” by users of open platforms) than they do with “professional” content (i.e. content that is expensive to produce — think Hollywood), then this issue of allowing users to choose to share in the cash economy will come to a head because the cash value of each user contribution will increase over time.

Scott’s doing a weekly column at TBH. Should be worth following.

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