Content Platforms Have the Edgio

Keith Teare has an interesting post over on the Edgio blog, De-portalization and Internet Revenues.

He’s basically saying that the giant portals, like Yahoo and Google will gradually flatten out — see his great mountain graphics — in favour of content platforms from smaller publishers. These will use techniques to drive and distribute traffic flows and collectively become much more important, relatively speaking, than the big players.

content platformIt all revolves around the keyword and this is where these smaller content platforms have the advantage. Bigger portals are overwhelmed with content and everyday inquires from millions of users and it is becoming pretty hard to actually find what you are looking for. With smaller publishers, things get a bit easier because of the keywords. The Internet users will be able to browse their content much easier and faster, without the need to scroll down through hundreds of results. This is where publisher driven revenue models come into play as the best possible solution. They will step it up.

Publisher driven revenue models will increasingly replace middlemen. There will be no successful advertiser driven models in the foothills, only publisher centric models. Successful platform vendors will put the publisher at the center of the world in a sellers market for eyeballs. There will be more publishers able to make $180,000 a month [like TechCrunch].

Regular readers will know that this is a viewpoint I’ve been pushing here for some time. He continues :

“Smart [software] companies will (a) help content find traffic by enabling its distribution. (b) help users find content that is widely dispersed by providing great search. (c) help the publishers in the rising foothills maximize the value of their publications.”

I really couldn’t put it better. Our philosophy in a nutshell. Great news that Edgio is going to roll out some supporting products in coming weeks.

One to watch.