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Design Tweaks on Syntagma

We’re experimenting with a few design tweaks to refresh the Syntagma look for the second half of the year.

So if you notice some changes here, or peculiarities, put them down to the adventurous spirit.

4 Responses to “Design Tweaks on Syntagma”

  1. […] Design Jun 28 at 11:57 am by Aaron -Syntagma Media, the blog network that thinks big and acts small, has rolled out “design tweaks” to their main blog. I think John and the folks over there need to talk to a designer and at least get back to a basic standard of normalcy in their design concepts. Why do I say that? Design Should Not take away from Content At the SM blogs, the designs chosen including the combination of colors and styles detract from the blogs. It’s like sparkly javascript doohickies that follow the mouse cursor. […]

  2. Re: Design Tweaks on Syntagma

    I’m not sure what’s new on their web design, but the blue background tiles are clashing horribly with the green pink and black of the header. The sidebar reminds me of a Geocities page circa 1995. All they need is a black background and whi…

  3. Feel free to delete my trackback and this comment. I removed my comment from my blog. No ill will, best wishes with your projects. Mike

  4. Michael, thank you, there was no need. We know the difference between constructive criticism and empty rhetoric. 😉

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