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Editor, John Evans

Chirac Buys Syntagma Media

It may be April 1 but the following story is serious :

As part of French attempts to challenge Google, and what President Chirac sees as the Anglo-Saxon dominance of the Internet, the French Government has ordered the Banque de France to acquire prime Web assets in a daring money-no-object operation. We can report that Syntagma Media is one of the first to fall.

Analysts on Wall Street and in the City of London have been astonished by the swiftness of the coup de grace. A figure of $48 million is being mentioned at Nasdaq, comfortably beating the sale price of Weblogs Inc to AOL last year.

Owner John Evans said at a hastily-arranged press conference: “Chirac has got a bargain. I was reluctant to sell under $50 million but they threw in a nice Camembert and a case of St Emilion.”

Asked if the President approached him personally, Evans said: “He phoned. I didn’t recognize him at first as he spoke perfect English. I thought it was Duncan Riley.”

We understand that other assets likely to be acquired by the Elysee Palace include, Robert Scoble’s chef, Gawker Media’s religious blogs, ICANN (thought be a Can Can website) and Google’s “holiday home” in Mountain View.

Fasten your seatbelts. We’re in for a bumpy ride.

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