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Blog Explosion Up for Sale

Probably the biggest blog traffic exchange, Blog Explosion, is up for sale.

What started out purely as a generator of traffic for non-pro sites, more recently became a blog portal with dozens of games, competitions, features, podcasts, and a positively exhausting array of “things to do”. It became a bit like a fairground doubling as a circus in the end. Some of the software, like the rocket — a kind of river of blogs — was excellent and well-conceived. But you can have too much fun.

With talk of new personal media technologies set to challenge the lower tier of the blogosphere, maybe the two founders felt it was time to cash in their chips before its main audience of mostly amateur bloggers moved on.

The income stream seems to average around $4000 a month, so was not excessive compared to the enormous effort and creativity the owners put into it. Let’s hope they make more in the parting than they did in the running of it.

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