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Interview with Matt Craven of BlogMedia Inc New Owner of The Blog Herald

Well, now we know …

BlogMedia Inc., publishers of Blog Network Watch (BNW) and Blog Network List, are the new owners of The Blog Herald.

From the moment they bought BNW from Martin Neumann it was clear they meant business in the blogosphere. They’ve grown rapidly from there. So now, to welcome BlogMedia to the Web “newspaper” business, here is an interview with Matt Craven, Senior VP, Online Services. (Regular readers may remember our previous interview with Matt a few months ago.)

Interview with Matt Craven

1. What attracted you to The Blog Herald as a BlogMedia Inc. property?

The Blog Herald is a well-established blog with a large following and a sterling reputation. When I got into the blog business and started reading blogs in this genre, this was one of the first blogs that I was reading regularly. I never thought that something like this would become available. We were quite excited when it did.

Acquiring The Blog Herald only makes sense to us. We already own and operate a site for bloggers to find jobs (BloggerJobs), a site that ranks and measures blog networks (Blog Network List), a snarky opinion site about blogs (Jack of All Blogs), another blog about blogging (Blogger Idol), as well as Blog Network Watch. Not to mention that we’ve quietly launched Problogging.

2. What do you intend to do with it?

Our intent is to operate the Blog Herald in much the same manner that Duncan has since its founding — reporting on news around the blogosphere and commenting on the technology that drives this strange new medium we find ourselves in.

Down the road a bit, you’ll see us put together a blog channel within the BlogMedia Network and leverage the unique content of each of our sites across the network. We’re already doing this on a small scale within Problogging. We’ll also have our designers (Chris Pearson and Ben Bleikamp) give the site a facelift in the near future.

3. How will it be different from Duncan’s dispensation?

Well, Duncan and I are different people with different voices and interests. I imagine that my writing will be a tad different than his and will likely go in a few different directions. But, I’m confident that the quality will remain high.

4. What’s BlogMedia’s overall strategy as a blog network?

Our strategy currently is to focus in a few key areas: blogging, technology, and entertainment. Most of the blogs in our network are focused in those areas. We also have a services division that operates Blog Network List and our Problogging services area.

5. How much did you pay for The Blog Herald?

As far as the price goes, we’re not going to disclose the actual figure. We paid a price that we felt was fair — and Duncan agreed. We were all happy with the deal that we reached.

6. It’s a very charismatic news outlet, will you seek to bring “big name” journalists into the picture?

For now, I’ll be blogging at The Blog Herald along with Marcus, one of the bloggers from our Problogging site. In addition, Duncan will be staying on to blog for a few weeks while we wrap up the transition over to BlogMedia, Inc. Down the road, we’ll look to add additional bloggers to The Blog Herald.

7. What are your personal feelings about this purchase?

Personally, I’m quite excited about this acquisition. It adds significant traffic to our network and it reflects a large expansion of our presence in the blog news business.

Many thanks, Matt. It will be fascinating to watch the way The Blog Herald develops under your guidance.

Update: There’s a lot of interest in this story across the blogosphere right now. Here are just a few links: Aaron Brazell, a b5er who did the tech stuff for the sale; Matt’s first post at Blog Herald; the view from Jack, King of Snark; and from BlogMedia’s own Problogging. Also Duncan’s own farewell to Blog Herald.

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    Thanks for the kind words and the chance for the interview – I look forward to blogging in our new home in the days to come.


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