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Syntagma Media Three Months Old

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Syntagma Media is three months old today. It’s also well on its way to 1000 posts.

Not that numbers are the main consideration here, though they do help with AdSense revenues. Quality is always our primary concern.

You may think it’s a bit daft to celebrate a 3-month anniversary, but some blog networks have folded within their first week. Longevity is not a natural characteristic of the blogosphere.

However, by prudent management, by avoiding VC finance, and making targeted investments, the old girl is in good shape and set fair for a long future ahead.

We’ve had a few casualties along the way: blogs which didn’t work, notably Make the World Better, and a couple which never got off the ground: Microsoft Office 12 (now part of Vista Office), and Aristocracy Anecdotes, which just seemed a toff too far.

However, with the success of Royal Anecdotes, which is way ahead on AdSense clicks, the Aristos may yet see the light of day. Not a word to the French though.

We also had to rebrand Paranormal Watch to Supernatural, under which name it’s doing much better, second only to Royal Anecdotes.

The blogging blogs: Syntagma and Tertiary Blogging, are getting the best overall traffic, but score far less on AdSense. This is in line with experience elsewhere. If you want to do well with contextual ads, don’t mention blogs or blogging anywhere on your site or the ads will be blog ads, which nobody clicks on. Tough, but true.

Our first three months then, has seen an expansion to 10 sturdy blogs, including the Writers’ Blog Alliance which, under webmaster Deborah Woehr is beginning to recover membership after the conversion from a Xoops platform to WordPress 2.0

Other projects are in the pipeline, but we’re being cautious about over-expanding early on. Once the first 10 are consolidated and bedded in with some PageRank (due soon), we’ll make some decisions on the future.

Suggestions from interested parties are always welcome.

Our basic model as a network has been single-author blogs, with WBA written by its members (106 at peak on Xoops). We may well try other models with different sites and build in a variable geometry format.

So, here’s to the next three months. Cheers.

John Evans
Syntagma Media

5 Responses to “Syntagma Media Three Months Old”

  1. Congratulations on your first three months and association your new with WBA and Deborah. I find the approach you are taking to your network to be grounding in good business thinking and, dare I say it, refreshing!

    Good luck. Deborah has made a wise choice.

  2. Thank you, Liz, much appreciated.

    It’s a pity Clive at Gone Away has — seemingly — gone away. His wise voice was always welcome.

  3. Conrats John!…
    Wish you more success in coming months.

  4. Thanks, Nandini, good of you to say so. :-)

  5. Very good of you, Adele. Let’s hope we have some success with you and your colleagues in the future. :-)

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