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Darren Rowse

Mr Problogger
Mr Problogger

Darren Rowse, Mr Problogger, has posted on his site about his recent illness, which apparently affected his eyesight. He asked how would a problogger cope with blindness.

One comment on the post, from his friend Tim reads thus :

I’m a friend of Darren’s and just wanted to let people know that he’s actualy quite sick. His wife took him to hospital today after he took a turn for the worse. I’ve heard he’s actually lost sight in one eye, has been having blackouts and is in a bad way. He’s been admitted and they are doing tests. I’m sure his family would appreciate your thoughts and prayers at this time.

So it seems a lot more serious than at first thought. I would like to wish Darren a speedy recovery. He’s a vital figurehead in the problogging community. I hope he’s picking this up on his RSS feed in his hospital bed, surrounded by grapes, his wife and his family.

Update: The latest news via Jeremy Wright, Darren’s colleague in b5media, is that he’s on the mend, after a well-earned rest. Great news.

3 Responses to “Darren Rowse”

  1. Sure thing, Clive. There’s not much information coming out about it, except that one, unlinked comment by “Tim”. But it sounds authentic, and it’s all we have.

  2. Now that we know the “Tim” comment was not real, how weird must it be for Darren to have something senseless and blatantly untrue like that said about him out of the blue? It would have to be pretty creepy.

  3. Yes, we were all taken in by “Tim”. The lack of a link should have alerted us, though.

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