• Midweek Mysticism: What Is The Universe?

    Midweek Mysticism: What Is The Universe?

    “Look up at the sky at night,” you might reply, “there is our bit of the Universe.” Fair enough, that’s reasonably logical and easy to understand, but does it answer the question? I don’t think it gets anywhere close. The Universe is certainly impressive. To call it “big” is somewhat underwhelming given the scale of […]

  • Saturday Ramble: Hilarity Is Dangerous; Cam Fights Back … Sort Of

    Saturday Ramble: Hilarity Is Dangerous; Cam Fights Back … Sort Of

    Manic comedian Russell Brand has an interesting observation in The Guardian. Referring to the death of fellow funny man Robin Williams he writes of “the all-encompassing sadness of the world.” It’s undoubtedly a law of life or, at the very least, a truism, that too much of anything, whether it be mood or activity, triggers […]

  • Midweek Mysticism: The World As It Is Beneath The Cloak Of The Physical

    Midweek Mysticism: The World As It Is Beneath The Cloak Of The Physical

    It is all too easy to take mysticism less than literally, to imagine that it’s “only psychological,” by implication sub-reality. Following after the Divine Light experience, described earlier, the next episode is usually Seeing into the nature of Reality, an out-of-body view of your immediate surroundings. This extraordinary experience occurs suddenly and, if you are […]

  • Sherlock and I

    Sherlock and I

    I was pleasantly surprised recently to discover that my first book shared a publisher with Sherlock Holmes (ie Sir Arthur Conan Doyle). George Newnes also published Tit-Bits (don’t go there!) whose occasional contributor, Alfred Harmsworth, founded The Daily Mail. It’s amazing what you turn up when you start digging. My book — stifle that yawn […]

  • Saturday Ramble: Scotland On The Brink

    Saturday Ramble: Scotland On The Brink

    I once lived in Edinburgh for two years, finally driven back south by sub-zero temperatures and bitter winds off the North Sea. A common tale, I suspect. Despite an insatiable taste for John Buchan novels and the books of Sir Walter Scott, it became clear to me that one doesn’t actually have to live there […]

  • Gordon Smith - The Glasgow Barber

    Midweek Mysticism: Gordon Smith — The Glasgow Barber

    I’m always on the lookout for genuine mystics among us. But before we come to Gordon Smith, let’s try to define a few terms. In this field there are many openings for confusion. Here’s my own assessment: 1. Psychics — These are the folk who appear to have insights where others draw a blank. Their […]

  • The End Of The British Lion?

    The End Of The British Lion?

    It’s a bit late to influence the referendum on Scottish independence, which resulted in a muscular No, but historian Niall Ferguson’s perfectly pitched Telegraph article is a must-read, even after the event: link below. If you listen carefully to Scottish pro-independence conversations, you can detect a profoundly anti-English sentiment. That is the wrong way of […]

  • Media Looks For Venture Capital

    Media Looks For Venture Capital

    After a buccaneering but bootstrapping beginning, it seems b5media has decided to go down the venture capital route after all, with a round of VC funding. But you have to read between the lines of a Toronto conference agenda to find the reference. Thanks to Matt of BlogNetworkWatch for digging it out: It’s not perhaps […]

  • Content Platforms Have the Edgio

    Content Platforms Have the Edgio

    Keith Teare has an interesting post over on the Edgio blog, De-portalization and Internet Revenues. He’s basically saying that the giant portals, like Yahoo and Google will gradually flatten out — see his great mountain graphics — in favour of content platforms from smaller publishers. These will use techniques to drive and distribute traffic flows […]

  • Whatever Happened To Blog Networks?

    Whatever Happened To Blog Networks?

    Paul Scrivens has posted on the topic “Why blog networks failed” over at Wisdump.com. Do you remember those things that we called Blog Networks? You might have paid attention or you might have gone about your life like nothing changed and that’s one of the reasons why they failed. ‘Failed’ might be a harsh term […]

  • The Calacanis Link-bait Machine

    The Calacanis Link-bait Machine

    You just gotta give it to the guy. Genius isn’t in it. Jason Calacanis has just written not only the funniest post I’ve read in a while, but also the smartest traffic-hoovering machine in years. I’d call it the industrialization of backlink aggregation. Google watch out — Professor Moriarty is on the case. It is […]

  • The Low Information Diet

    The Low Information Diet

    I’ve been pondering on this for over a week now as it ties in with much of what I’ve been writing and thinking about for many years. The low information diet is a neat phrase — and concept — used in Timothy Ferriss’s new book, The 4-Hour Workweek, which I reviewed here a couple of […]

  • Interview with Jason Calacanis of Weblogs Inc

    Interview With Jason Calacanis Of Weblogs Inc

    Jason McCabe Calacanis is mostly recognized for his leadership of Weblogs Inc. It is a huge blog network with profits of almost $10m a year. Weblogs Inc. has been recently cooperating with AOL, which is a well known media giant in the whole world. Despite some of the blogs that were political, Weblogs Inc. dictated […]

  • Blog Explosion Up For Sale

    Blog Explosion Up For Sale

    What started out purely as a generator of traffic for non-pro sites, more recently became a blog portal with dozens of games, competitions, features, podcasts, and a positively exhausting array of “things to do”. It became a bit like a fairground doubling as a circus in the end. Some of the software, like the rocket […]

  • Blog Networks Re-examined

    Blog Networks Re-examined

    Pramit Singh, an “information professional working in New Delhi”, has written an interesting piece on blog networks over at MediaVidea. Trawling through various opinions and scenarios, the main emphasis of the post is on the downside risks and problem areas of digital networks. Many of these points have been aired on other sites, not least […]

  • Google Attacks Its Competitors With PR Meltdown

    Google Attacks Its Competitors With PR Meltdown

    So what we’ve been experiencing for some months now has reached its apogee. Google PageRank values right across the blogosphere are tumbling like nine-pins in a storm. Some sites have fallen from highs of 6 or 7 to new lows of 2. At first, I thought this might be a general rebalancing of the system, […]

  • Healthy lifestyle means longer life.

    Healthy Lifestyle Means Longer Life

    You have probably heard it so many times before that if you live and eat healthily, you will live longer. Well, there is a lot of truth in this sentence. A healthy lifestyle is a very strict way of life but, it does not have to be something hard. It is a lifestyle that will […]

  • The place of bitcoin in the business world

    The Place Of Bitcoin In The Business World

    It started as an underground project of a person (or persons) whose identity we still have not figured out. Bitcoin sprung out right after the 2008 world economic crisis, at a perfect time for a new and subversive idea. But the subversive element of this story is long gone now when the value of a […]

  • What Is New In The World Of Sport

    What Is New In The World Of Sport

    Last weekend was marked with the Premier League and this is a short look back at the most notable talking points. It was pretty exciting to see all those teams doing what they do the best. The Ferguson teams proved their value once again and secured their victory entering the big door like the champions […]

  • Small business blogs to follow in 2018

    Small Business Blogs To Follow In 2018

    Beginner entrepreneurs find it crucial to reach information which will push their business ahead. They need advice from experienced businessmen, from educated analysts and from other experts on how to overcome all the baby illnesses that they experience. Business blogs are excellent solutions to find information like these. They will provide advice on how to […]

  • Exciting news coming from the green land of Ireland

    Exciting News Coming From The Green Land Of Ireland

    Following the resignation of Frances Fitzgerald, is the appointment about handling a police scandal which will see Simon Coveney as a new deputy prime minister. Coveney was appointed as prime minister after a police whistleblower scandal took place. He was positioned as a minister of foreign affairs and has been appointed the country’s new deputy […]

  • Modern Technology To Join Forces With Brain Surgery

    Modern Technology To Join Forces With Brain Surgery

    Brain injuries are the most unpredictable of all injuries. They can go almost unnoticed or greatly determine the rest of the patient’s life. Development anomalies, hemorrhage, tumors or just a trauma, all of these can produce a certain type of pressure that damages the brain cells furthermore. This pressure is called the elevated intracranial pressure […]

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